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  • Dual lens structure
    for efficient signal transmission
    Ø70mm towerlight PY7 series
    Dust-free! Dual lens structure & smooth appearance.
    Easy to replace the lens, if the external lens is damaged, you can respond quickly.
    The risk of environmental stress cracks (ESC) is low
    D70mm tower light
    Model 4
  • Designed considering lighting space of switchboard!
    Even in unstable power conditions
    LED lighting lamp for general purpose MPL series
    MPL series is bar type LED light with long life and easy installation
    Provides bright lighting inside the panel (enclosure box)
    110, 220VAC, 12V, 24VDC are available.
    LED lamp MPL series
    Model 1
  • Speaker + Beacon combinable product!
    Signaling indicator with various function
    □95mm square shaped signal light / speaker MQV series
    The MQV series can be installed on the wall, which reduces space requirements.
    With combinable high visibility indicator / electronic sounder speaker,
    it's possible to use combining necessary functions efficiently.
    Wall-mounting type signal indicator MQV series
    Model 2
  • Forklift, special vehicle &
    material handling industry specialized!
    Ø70mm Signal light MS70 series
    Outdoor usable IP65
    High-intensity signal indicator : ideal for various industrial environments
    D70mm Compact LED indicator
    Model 3